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Personal Injury

Slip and Fall

Let our slip and fall accident attorney team thoroughly research and document the parameters of your slip and fall accident lawsuit. If you've been injured in a Maryland slip and fall accident, a Kamrad & Associates slip and fall accident lawyer may be able to deliver justice.

Slip & Fall" is an injury claim based on a fall that occurs on someone else's property, is caused by that property owner's negligence, and requires a Maryland slip and fall accident lawyer. A Slip & Fall occurs, according to our Maryland slip and fall accident lawyer team, not because the victim was not paying attention and stumbled, but because another person's negligence lead to the fall.

Our own slip and fall accident attorney team's research revealed that thousands of people are injured every year because of hidden hazards on property or because of flagrant dangerous conditions that property owners fail to correct. Falls are one of the most common sources of injuries in the United States.

Among the hidden hazards or flagrant dangerous conditions that can produce a valid Slip & Fall claim are:

Ice or snow on sidewalks, Poor lighting, Defective flooring, Clear ice, Standing water puddles, Improperly secured floor mats, Unsafe stairways or steps,  Hidden drop offs or holes

Auto Accidents

A serious auto accident is a traumatic experience. Nobody wants to imagine being involved in a car accident. However, over 20 million auto accidents occur in the United States every year.

Even the best drivers cannot always avoid the negligent actions of others. That is why you need to be prepared to take the necessary steps to protect yourself in the event of a Maryland auto accident.

If you are in an accident and have questions about your legal rights, contact an experienced Maryland auto accident attorney before you talk with the insurance company of the person at fault. Signing the wrong papers could mean you have settled for less than you deserve.

For the thousands of Maryland auto accident victims, the actual auto accident is only the beginning of the physical and emotional hardships that they experience. However, the time for an adult or child to take action to preserve their legal rights starts to run from the day of the collision. It is not unusual for an auto accident victim who is struggling to deal with the effects of a disabling injury, to forget that time is running out to take the steps necessary to secure benefits.

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