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Child Custody

Child Custody after Parents' separate is certainly one of the most difficult aspects of any divorce. The effect of divorce on their lives, how it will shape their future, and other worries concern parents undergoing divorce. Breaking up a family brings loss, and determining custody is often fraught with upset and emotion. However, because parents love their children, they ultimately want what is best for them.

The difficulty in facing child custody and support issues is something our family law attorneys deeply understand, and we strive to lessen the impact and help clients arrive at decisions that are in the best interests of their children. Our attorneys demystify confusions regarding child support by describing how support is determined, calculated and regulated under Maryland law. The attorneys at Kamrad and Associates always have the children's best interests in mind. 

We provide clear explanations of legal options regarding custody, such as joint or sole legal custody and physical custody. Additionally, when we need to fight for our clients' rights we provide strong representation in custody and child support proceedings, including Interstate Jurisdictional Disputes and the so-called "Move Away" cases.

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