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Business LItigation

At Kamrad & Associates, we have represented our clients in all types of business litigation issues. We have helped business owners protect their assets and reputation, avoid costly and drawn-out litigation, and resolve disputes quickly and efficiently so owners can get back to business. 

Business Litigation in Maryland and D.C.

Business disputes can come up at any point between the business owner and another company, vendor, customer, government agency, or employee. Some common business disputes that founders, small business owners, and corporations encounter include: 

  • Breach of contract,
  • Real estate disputes,  
  • Construction disputes, 
  • Insurance litigation,
  • Indemnity disputes,
  • Vicarious liability for employee negligence

Contract Disputes for Maryland Businesses

Contract disputes, breach of contract, and performance issues are some of the most common areas of business litigation. This could involve repeated issues or a one-time issue with a long-time vendor or customer. When the other party does not come through with what was promised, that party should compensate you for damages. A strong response to a breach of contract issue can reduce the chance of continued breaches and also act to secure assets if the other company is at risk of bankruptcy.

Employee Claims Against the Company

Employee claims against the company are a common area of litigation for businesses in Maryland and DC. Highly publicized claims can also harm the reputation of the business and good-will that has been built up over a number of years. A rapid response to reports of harassment, wrongful termination, or discrimination can help protect your company from economic damages and reduce the likelihood of future litigation. 

Negotiation Instead of Litigation  

Most lawsuits are settled before they get to trial. These disputes may be settled quickly before litigation begins or they could be settled minutes before trial is supposed to begin. Preparing your case from the outset with a willingness to take the case all the way can give your company the upper-hand in negotiating a settlement. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution 

The terms of a contract can require arbitration or a neutral evaluation. The court may send your case to mediation before carrying the case to trial. These types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can be beneficial to both parties. Arbitration or mediation can be a faster way to settle the dispute, avoid the costs of litigation, and allows the parties to come up with their own terms of settlement instead of leaving it up to the court.

Filing a Claim to Get What You Want

Taking immediate action when another business has cost your company money can reduce the financial damage to your business. Even before filing a lawsuit, a demand letter and negotiations by experienced corporate attorneys can resolve the dispute quickly without having to go through litigation. 

Experienced Maryland Business Litigation Attorneys 

At Kamrad & Associates, we have represented sole proprietors and family-owned businesses by handling legal claims to protect their business assets and settle disputes quickly to avoid unnecessary expense. Our practice is tailored to small businesses. If your small business is in need of any legal services, please contact our office today for a tailored response to your business litigation needs. 

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