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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Avoid the Cost of Going to Trial by Arbitrating or Mediating Your Case

Taking a case to trial is often the wrong decision for plaintiffs and defendants alike. A recent New York Times Article, which discussed The Cost of Not Settling a Lawsuit, noted that plaintiffs lost an average of $43,000 by going to trial instead of settling their cases.

When defendants made a miscalculation, the cost of not settling was much larger,  over $1,000.000. Litigation is usually more expensive than mediation or arbitration, and it takes longer too.

By enlisting attorney Rob Kamrad to help you resolve your legal disputes through mediation or arbitration, you can save time, money and stress.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a process whereby both parties and counsel commit themselves to resolving their differences justly and equitably and without going to court. It has become the preferred method of family law dispute resolution in many areas of the U.S. and Canada because the process is more humane and promotes post divorce spiritual, psychological and financial health of the restructured family. Collaborative Law relies on an atmosphere of honesty, integrity, cooperation and professionalism geared toward future well-being of the family. The parties engage in informal discussions and conferences to settle all issues. Allied professionals such as communication facilitators, child specialists and financial specialists are often "part of the team" to help parties go through the process as smoothly as possible. All participants use their best efforts to create proposals that meet the fundamental needs of both parties and, if necessary, to compromise to reach a settlement of all issues.

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