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Within the field of immigration law there are many categories. In the broadest sense, the field is divided into personal matters and business or employment related matters. Business and status related matters would include: visas based upon investment in the U.S. (the nonimmigrant E visas and immigrant Special Immigrant visas), the establishment of branches and subsidiaries of foreign businesses in the U.S. and the transferring of management and other personnel to the U.S. (the nonimmigrant L visa and the immigrant EB2 visa to work for those companies, the employment of high tech and other special highly qualified individuals (the nonimmigrant H1B visa), TN entry from NAFTA participating countries, religious workers (the nonimmigrant R and immigrant Special Immigrant visas), all other business and employment related matters. Personal matters would include not only assistance with obtaining a visa or status based up a family relationship with a qualified sponsor, but such matters as personal inadmissibility, deportation or removal and asylum.

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